For Antique Dealers and Shop Owners

Pittsburgh Antiques.Net offers dealers and shop owners a number of resources for growing and improving their businesses. We invite you to consider the following:

1. Add a free business listing to our directory of Pittsburgh area shops. Valid for shows, shops, auction houses or other antiques-related businesses. Just e-mail us with your contact information, and be sure to include your shop name and physical address, and we’ll include you in our database.

2. Add your website link to this site for free, and exchange website links with Just e-mail us with your web address, and if you would like, a brif description of your shop, and we’ll include you in our database.

3. Link to us if you own a website. To link to, just create a link, and if you are able, a description of the site. Here’s how I like it to read:

“ offers information on buying and selling antiques in the Pittsburgh, PA area, including details about shops, shows, estate sales, auctions and free evaluations.”

3. Take advantage of one of the best online tools for antiques and pricing research, PriceMiner. Available for those who have Internet access through a computer as well as access through your PDA. Select the banner link below for more information!

If you have questions, e-mail Tim Sweet at

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